This "Missional Disciple-making Essentials" workshop integrates five key missional questions designed to offer a basic understanding of the task of disciple-making. Elements that will accomplish this include the presentation of a scriptural basis for missional disciple-making, the discussion and definition of disciple-making, an introduction to the Disciple-making Umbrella, and the examination of spiritual genealogy. Students will engage with the material through interactive discussion, note-taking, and be encouraged to offer questions toward the end of the workshop.
Millennials are a passionate generation, eager to make their mark on the world around them. Cause-driven and justice-oriented, they are hard-wired to be effective missional disciples. Too often, however, Millennials jump from cause to cause because they lack the guidance to help them discover their callings. Meanwhile, the church is unsure how to engage this generation who thinks and acts so differently from the rest of us. This workshop is designed to help ministry practitioners better understand who Millennials are and how to help them channel their passions so that they can discover their purpose and calling in Jesus Christ. Drawing from recent research as well as firsthand accounts from Christian Millennials, we will explore and different methods of discipleship that are proving effective with this most unique and gifted generation.
A missional approach to military family advocacy involves caring for families who are both similar and different from other families. Military families are similar in that families today are under constant pressure, traditional norms are being challenged, and many face economic shortfalls and may only live with one biological parent. In addition, military families also have a distinct culture relating to the Armed Forces, the family may take on a para-military style, parents may be deployed for extended periods of time and may have had greater exposure to PTSD and moral injury, and be further isolated from extended families. The particular cycle of deployment parent(s) are involved may further impact the family dynamic. Advocates of military families need to have a basic understanding of Service cultures, unique challenges, and helpful resources and organizations that are available to the service member. Furthermore, several "helping skills" and best practices will enhance the advocacy process.

The prime goal of this workshop is to make participants aware of the crucial role of JOY in Christian life. The fact that God treasured everything created “in the beginning” with an “aha!” exclamation (Genesis 1:25, 31: “it is good!”, “it is very good!”), is the basis of all joy in creation. God had pleasure in creating our wonderful universe with everything and everyone in it! God’s joy in re-creation is being fulfilled in our joy, in our celebration of the new life of love, justice, compassion, and peace. Seen in this way, “JOY” is the purpose, the final result, the “end” of God’s work in and through us. Being Christians, being the church, being sent as messengers of this message of “great joy for the whole world”, is merely being the “means” towards God’s purpose of joy to be celebrated by all of creation!